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EAU DE PARFUM Discovery Set

EAU DE PARFUM Discovery Set

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Finding it hard to decide which perfume sounds like you? Now you can try each scent from our natural Eau De Parfum collection to help you decide. 

1x 2ml Amrita EDP
In sanskrit, Amrita means Immortal/Immortality.
This sweet nectar has heart of blooming rose and a grounding base of smoky sweet peru balsam. These notes are tied together beautifully with botanical musk and australian sandalwood. 

1x 2ml Havana EDP
Inspired by my own interpretation of a destination I have never been to, but dreamed of. The zesty cuisine of Cuba, beautiful people dancing the rumba with flowers in their hair, smoky streets with the lingering of Cuban cigars. Havana opens up with top notes of coriander and lime. As these evaporate, the floral heart of ylang ylang and rose sing sweetly. These meld into the smoky sweet base of frankincense, tobacco, tonka bean and vanilla.

1x 2ml Summer Haze EDP
Dewy skin - Salty hair - Ripe fruit. Summer Haze is the scent for a long hot summer. Jasmine Sambac is the heart of this fruity floral accompanied by Apricot, German Chamomile, Litsea Cubeba and Lemon. With creamy coconut notes and crisp white linen base notes, this perfume is the epitome of hazy summer days.

1x 2ml Leather + Lace EDP
Vintage lace, a delicate soft touch.
Sweet Musk, smooth creamy skin tames the worn leather notes of Tobacco, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Vetiver. Intertwined with a sheer Amber base. The story of Leather and Lace tells of two opposites attracted. A Yin/Yang blend of feminine and masculine energies. A harmonizing of the two. Its hard to know where one ends and the other begins. 

1x2ml Quiet Minds EDP
Quiet Minds is a fragrance that gently wraps around you, inspiring a moment of tranquility and inviting you to escape the noise of the world. It captures the essence of a peaceful haven, where the mind can find solace and quiet reflection. The fragrance unfolds like a serene sanctuary for the soul, blending carefully curated notes of Petitgrain, Cucumber, Mimosa Flower, Ho Wood, Jasmine Tea, Vanilla and White Musks to create a harmonious olfactory experience.


Eau De Parfum vs Perfume Oil

Our Eau De Parfum are a highly concentrated scent that last longer on the skin than perfume oils. Hand blended with essential oils, natural isolates from botanical sources, tinctures and resins in an un-denatured food grade grain alcohol base.

Our Perfume Oils are a petite roll on scent using a Fractionated Coconut Oil base for a personal scent that is not overwhelming or overpowering.

Size and Safety

10ml + 30ml Atomizer - Eau De Parfum

6ml Roll on Bottle - Perfume Oils

Spot test for adverse reactions before use and discontinue if irritation occurs. Please see our ingredient page for potential allergens and use during pregnancy.

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