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SAYA Perfume Oil

SAYA Perfume Oil

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A blooming dance of nature's finest essences. The name Saya (SAY-YAH) has multiple meanings in different cultures, my favorite coming from the Aztecs.

The name “Saya” holds a rich and profound meaning, predominantly associated with feminine energy across various languages and cultures. In Aztec mythology, Saya is revered as a textiles goddess, symbolizing creativity, nurturing, and the embodiment of feminine strength. This association underscores the name’s deep connection to the creative forces and the nurturing aspects of femininity"

Our blend of SAYA is a warm embrace of Labdanum, Tobacco and powdery Patchoulol, with delicate Rose and Jasmine blooming in the heart. Zesty Sweet Orange and a touch of Black Pepper add a playful twist. 

Feeling Invoked: Embodied, nurturing and feminine.

Eau De Parfum vs Perfume Oil

Our Eau De Parfum are a highly concentrated scent that last longer on the skin than perfume oils. Hand blended with essential oils, natural isolates from botanical sources, tinctures and resins in an un-denatured food grade grain alcohol base.

Our Perfume Oils are a petite roll on scent using a Fractionated Coconut Oil base for a personal scent that is not overwhelming or overpowering.

Size and Safety

10ml + 30ml Atomizer - Eau De Parfum

6ml Roll on Bottle - Perfume Oils

Spot test for adverse reactions before use and discontinue if irritation occurs. Please see our ingredient page for potential allergens and use during pregnancy.

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