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WILD FIRE Eau De Parfum

WILD FIRE Eau De Parfum

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The name Wild Fire is the name of two of my favorite songs. Wild Fire by Leah James and Wildfire by Watchhouse. These songs invoked a nostalgic feeling in me. A feeling that spreads through the whole body like wildfire. Sometimes I couldn't decide if this feeling was pleasant or scary - happy or sad. This perfume in a way is my interpretation of this strange feeling. I knew i wanted to make a perfume with the cleansing notes of Palo Santo and making this interesting ingredient work was a challenge. But i love what has been created and i hope you do too. I hope it spreads a sense of nostalgia through you like Wild Fire.

Ho Wood - Palo Santo - Rose - Jasmine - Australian Sandalwood - Vanilla

Eau De Parfum vs Perfume Oil

Our Eau De Parfum are a highly concentrated scent that last longer on the skin than perfume oils. Hand blended with essential oils, natural isolates from botanical sources, tinctures and resins in an un-denatured food grade grain alcohol base.

Our Perfume Oils are a petite roll on scent using a Fractionated Coconut Oil base for a personal scent that is not overwhelming or overpowering.

Size and Safety

10ml + 30ml Atomizer - Eau De Parfum

6ml Roll on Bottle - Perfume Oils

Spot test for adverse reactions before use and discontinue if irritation occurs. Please see our ingredient page for potential allergens and use during pregnancy.

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